Geo-Orientated Day and Multi-Day Self Drive Tours

Thunderbird Park
1 hour drive from Brisbane

Unearth a 200 million year old mystery! Thunderegg fossicking is a unique activity for the whole family. You can discover your own hidden treasures from prehistoric volcanic lava in the world’s largest Thunderegg Mine. Admission includes a Souvenir Miner’s Permit and the use of a pick and bucket for collecting your treasures. The park also includes a treetop challenge, crystal panning, laser skirmish, mini-golf and more.

Carnarvon Gorge
9-hour drive from Brisbane

Here, towering white sandstone cliffs form a spectacular steep-sided gorge with narrow, vibrantly-coloured and lush side-gorges. Boulder-strewn Carnarvon Creek winds through the gorge. This wondrous location is well worth the drive!

The National Parks of Central Queensland book from the ‘Rocks and Landscapes Series’ includes geological-specific information for a self-drive itinerary.
Available here for purchase. 


Images courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland

Australian Dinosaur Trail
2-day drive from Brisbane OR
fly to Longreach + 2-hour drive to Winton
Full loop 5 days from Winton

Follow in the footsteps of the prehistoric creatures that once roamed this ancient land. The Australian Dinosaur Trail encompasses the towns of Winton, Hughenden and Richmond which all have their own unique dinosaur stories to tell. A journey along Australia’s Dinosaur Trail offers visitors a range of unique experiences not available anywhere else in the world, let alone Australia.





Images courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland